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One way to help people is to share your knowledge with those who could benefit from it. As a researcher , constant effort to solve scientific problems have exposed me to various scientific resources that can be accessed free of charge. Especially these knowledge is useful to labs and institution unable to access expensive software or novice users due to lack of expertise. In this blog, I have provided a comprehensive list of freely available softwares, alternative to commercial software. I shall share with you all that I have learned, as I make the changes or learn something new, I shall document them. Hope this blog will help those finding the way………….

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Feb 13, 2011

Molecular Editor

A molecule editor is a computer program for creating and modifying representations of chemical structures. Two dimensional molecular editors are used to  to generate two-dimensional (flat) representations of molecules and chemical reactions that can be used as illustrations or for querying chemical databases. While three dimensional molecular editors are used to build molecular models. Most molecule editors use proprietary file formats, but most can read and write several file formats, including SMILES. The file created by molecular editor can be displayed in a molecular graphics tools.

Some commonly used molecular editor programs are