A blog about free research software, alternative to commercial paid software.

One way to help people is to share your knowledge with those who could benefit from it. As a researcher , constant effort to solve scientific problems have exposed me to various scientific resources that can be accessed free of charge. Especially these knowledge is useful to labs and institution unable to access expensive software or novice users due to lack of expertise. In this blog, I have provided a comprehensive list of freely available softwares, alternative to commercial software. I shall share with you all that I have learned, as I make the changes or learn something new, I shall document them. Hope this blog will help those finding the way………….

Research software and books

Jan 29, 2011


Most of the research software used for advanced scientific studies requires strong hold over theory as well as many of them are command based. Even though sometimes the graphic user interface is available, it has to be installed separately. In some case one software with graphic user interface is commercial. Online servers, offers a web-based, easy to use interface that handles all aspects that a normal software can do. User friendly interface of these servers ensures that calculation and result evaluation can be carried out by researchers coming from all fields of science. Nevertheless these webservers are not substitute for original softwares, I recommend to use the software directly.

Here I have compiled a list of web servers that are useful to researchers, I have tried to include as many as I know.